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The name "Amiga", or should that be "AMIGA", has appeared in a variety of styles through the years, ranging from the neon style used by Hi-Toro, the italised version of the Times font in bold type using upper case characters, i.e. "AMIGA" used by Commodore, to the lighter more modern styles used today.
AAAword0.gif (5531 bytes) The original AMIGA as used by Hi-Toro was in red (or bright pink) with a graduated shadow.
A bit later and during the early Commodore years, brochures and other information showed Amiga in a distinctly different format, but the background behind its use is unclear. AAAlogo1.jpg (11232 bytes)
AAAword2.jpg (11232 bytes) Commodores first effort was AMIGA in black and rather understated at about 1cm high.
More commonly known is the large embossed format moulded into the cases of many machines such as the A500, A600 and B2000. AAAlogo3.jpg (9587 bytes)
AAAlogo4.jpg (15049 bytes) Surprisingly the A3000 did not use the embossed format but resorted to a simple printed style that was even smaller than the original A1000.
The A1200 and A4000 used the same embossed format moulded into the cases but it was slightly smaller than that used for the A500 etc. AAAlogo5.jpg (7115 bytes)
AAAword6.jpg (6657 bytes) Over recent years the familiar font has been replaced by a two colour modern style of font, but as yet we have not seen a new Amiga bearing this format.
The above logo later acquired a white outline on a red background and is used by Amiga Inc.
Even more recently as the PDA software and facilities have been announced, a lower case version of the logo has appeared under the
 "Amiga anywhere" promotion.

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