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This is the section of our web site where we have decided to store everything that we couldn't find a home for anywhere else.

New Zealand

  • New Zealand is located in the South Pacific between longitudes 166 and 178, and latitudes 34 south and 48 south.
  • It consists of two main islands (North and South) and a number of smaller ones, the largest being Stewart Island in the south.
  • New Zealand's nearest neighbour is Australia, which is about 2300 kilometers (1435 miles) away to the west.
  • New Zealand is located just west of the International Date line making it the first country in the world to see the new day and therefore +12 Hours on GMT or UTC. NZ also adopts Daylight Saving Time between October and March, during which it is +13 Hours on GMT.
  • With a total population of approx 4 million, there are five main centres - Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.


  • Auckland is a large sprawling area, dominated by two excellent harbours, the Waitemata to the North and the Manukau to the South.
  • It is the largest metropolitan area in New Zealand, and is actually made up of four cities - Auckland City, North Shore City, Manukau City and Waitakere City, with an overall population of around 1.3 million, about one third of New Zealand's entire population.
  • Where Amiga Auckland is based - at its peak,one branch of Amiga Auckland operated in each of the cities.
  • The Hauraki Gulf was the venue for the 2000 and 2003  America's Cup yachting regatta.
  • Check out what's on in Auckland this week. Other sites also worth checking are Hot City, and Jasons What On.

View across Auckland City looking East.

The Auckland Sky Tower
  • Since 1997 the dominant feature on the skyline has been the Sky Tower standing 328 metres high (1076 feet) which can be seen from a large part of Auckland. Approximately 2/3 up the tower there is a revolving restaurant and observation decks.
    (The Auckland SkyTower is the largest tower in the Southern hemisphere and the 12th largest in the world.)

Amiga Facts

  • over the years, the word Amiga has been written in 9 different formats, and the Amiga symbol has had numerous different styles.
  • before becoming involved with the Amiga, Jay Miner engineered an electronic pacemaker, and continued this work in later years.
  • the original A1000 had the signatures of all the designers and the paw-print of Jay Miner's dog 'Mitch' moulded into the inside of the casing.
  • NASA once used a number of Amigas to monitor various space craft including the Space Shuttle and the Mir Space Station,
    otherwise known as "The Secret in Hanger AE" (unfortunately this link is no longer available).
  • the London Transport Museum used Amigas to simulate both old and modern underground trains.
  • the TV shows SeaQuest DSV and Babylon 5 both used Amiga generated images for futuristic space and seacraft.
  • the TV show "Home Improvements" used Amiga generated images for its title sequence.
  • up until 1998, all air traffic controllers in the UK were trained on simulators run by Amigas at a centre in Cornwall.

Amiga Technical Information

  • we are frequently asked technical type questions about some of the classic Amigas, and one of the best references we found was compiled by Greg Scott, with help from many other people, as an Amiga Technical Reference at National Amiga, but this site no longer exists. We felt this information was too valuable to lose, so we replicated the information here, together with other information we believe could also be useful.
  • on the other hand if you need to access classic Amiga circuit diagrams and help with repairing same, we suggest you check out the web site operated by Anthony Hoffman here in New Zealand.
If you have any information you think should be listed here, please let us know.

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