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Y/C ("Y-C") A video signal where the Luminence (shown as Y) and Chrominance (shown as C) signals are stored independently, as used for S-VHS and Hi-8. Because the two signals are discrete, this results in superior quality as well as less crosstalk between the two signals. However, to fully realise these benefits, the display monitor must also provide Y/C inputs.
Y/R-Y/B-Y Abbreviation for Luminence, Red minus Luminence, and Blue minus Luminence respectively, and is the three channel video signal employed by so-called component video equipment. Also called Y/U/V and YUV, component systems can derive far greater colour fidelity than Composite or Y/C by reserving separate channels for the Red & Blue colour information within the frame. The economies of bandwidth are achieved by first subtracting the relative Luminence values from the colour signal and by subtracting the Red & Blue values from the overall Luminence channel to determine the value for the Green component. This saves 50% over RGB signals for comparable results.
Y/U/V ("Y-U-V") Alternate form of Y/R-Y/B-Y where Y corresponds to Luminence, U to "B-Y" and V to "R-Y".
YC ("Y-C") See Y/U/V.
YMODEM ("Y-mo-dem") A software based error correction protocol for the transmission of data using a modem.
(abbreviation "ZiB"
1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 (280) bytes, and is the unambiguous name for 'Yottabyte to denote the true binary value.
(abbreviation "ZB"
1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 (280) bytes to be precise, but frequently used to mean roughly a million million million million bytes (1024), or 1024 Zettabytes. The unambiguous name 'Yobibyte' can be used for the true binary value.
YUV ("Y-U-V") See Y/U/V.
YUVN ("Y-U-V-N") An image format developed by MacroSystem that stores YUV pictures which are mainly used in broadcast television. YUVN supports CCIR-601-2, which is a worldwide standard for NTSC and PAL television.

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