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QAM ("Q-A-M") Acronym for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation.
QIC ("quick") Acronym for Quarter Inch Cartridge.
QIC 36 ("quick-36") One of the interfaces used by QIC type tape drives and often used to describe QIC drives.
QNX The developers of a microkernel operating system, the QNX Neutrino RTOS that offers advanced memory protection, distributed processing, symmetric multiprocessing, POSIX APIs, has a dynamically upgradable architecture, and industry-leading realtime performance. Amiga Inc were negotiating with QNX in the devlopment of the AmigaAnywhere environment, but this has since been halted.
(acronym "QAM")
The technique used by the CCITT V.22bis communication protocol, where there are 16 possible symbols of combinations of 12 phase angles and 3 amplitudes. Each symbol conveys 4 bits, and the signalling rate is 600 symbols per second.
(acronym "QIC")
A commonly used 1/4" tape cartridge that is different to the mini-cartridge drives, DAT 4mm drives or Exabyte 8mm drives, and uses either the QIC 36, QIC 02 or SCSI interfaces.
QWERTY keyboard ("qwerty") A term to describe the keyboard used by computers, and and derives its name from the top line of characters on the keyboard, namely Q, W, E, R, T, and Y. This is a direct lineal descendent of the layout designed by Christopher Latham Scholes in 1874, the man who invented the typewriter, in a bid to slow down typing action and reduce the mechanical problems of commonly used keys jamming one another. Attempts to change it, notably the DVORAK keyboard, have all failed miserably, as it seems we are all too set in our ways, although this hasn't stopped modern variants from Microsoft and others.

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