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Links - Search Engines

If you are new to the Internet you will find the easiest way to find your way around to the sites that interest you is via one of the many Access Search Engines. Most people have a favourite but it pays to explore them all. Here's a list to get you started:

Alta Vista Once more of a business-oriented search engine it has been upgraded and now provides tabs for web searching, images, mp3/audio, video and news, as well as a filter for New Zealand sites.
AOL Search America On Line's comprehensive search engine has a friendly feel and is fairly easy to use.
Ask A very user-friendly site based on English style questions - makes searching easier for web newbies.
Ask for Kids! The same format as Ask but even more user friendly and great for the kids' sites.
AT&T Worldnet Service AT&T Worldnet is one of the largest Internet providers worldwide and has a wide spread of sites.
Cool Infi Search for your favourite style of music by Title, Artist etc.
Excite! The favoured search engine for Apple Computers - can't see a lot to get excited about!
Google Probably the most well-known search engine on the web, and expanding regularly with new features and facilities.
HotBot Originally provided pull down menus to help you construct more concise selections with customisable options to display varying ranges of return results, it now gives you the option of using Ask Jeeves or Google instead.
GO ABC and Disney's contribution for searching the web.
Lycos This is another search engine that has been around for a while, and offers a number of ways of finding what you want without too much duplication or re-refinement of search keys.
Metro Online Classifieds This NZ based site contains around 40000 advertisements from all over the world split into 22 sections, each one of these being broken down into a large number of categories. If you’re looking to buy or sell anything, this may be a good place to start.
Microsoft Network Like all things involving Microsoft, this is not your average search engine, but is more like a magazine index to everywhere else, designed more for the home user than for business.
Northern Light This site provides search and content integration technology and solutions for enterprises and individuals.
NZ Internet Shop A very well presented site where the aim is to sell products, but don’t let that stop you. You can simply browse through the shop and check out what is available without bothersome sales-people, and if you feel the need simply add the items to your shopping basket.
NZ Pages This site provides a searchable directory of NZ Internet sites categorised by business, region, etc. A great site for NZ advertisers to promote their goods and services to the world.
Search NZ Yet another site listing NZ businesses, products and services using a fault-tolerant search engine based on "fuzzy" logic and restricted to NZ sites. First timers might benefit from reading the search tips section to make the most of the search engine.
Shareware Shareware Software for PC, Mac and Amiga.
SongText You like the song but can't quite catch the lyrics - here's a great site for Kareoke fans, but you need to understand German.
Web Crawler A good basic search engine enhanced by activities for the day, headline news, daily toolbox and various other bits and pieces that seem to change regularly.
Yahoo! Probably the most famous of all search engines but getting a little cluttered these days. However the enthusiasm is still there!
Yahoo Aust & NZ! The full Yahoo but with sites restricted to Australia and New Zealand.
Yahoo Search Engines If this list of search engines isn't enough for you, then you can check out Yahoo's list of search engines.............. but don't say we didn't warn you!

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