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Links - General Interest - Technology

Agfa Cameras, film etc
Aiwa Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Amiga Computers
Apple Computers
Audio Research Electronics, Hi Fi etc
B & W Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Bose Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Canon Cameras, Video Cameras, Scanners etc
Carreras Sports equipment etc
Casio Calculators, Televisions, Watches etc
Compaq Computers etc
Dell Computers etc
Denon Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Dolby Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Electronic Mailbox Professional Video Equipment, Video Software, Editing Equipment
Epson Printers, Scanners
Farallon Macintosh hardware/software products
Fuji Cameras, film etc
Garmin Global Positioning Systems
Gateway 2000 Computers
Hewlett Packard Computers, Printers, Scanners
Hitachi Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Iomega Computer Peripherals such as Zip drives, Jaz drives etc
JVC Electronics, HiFi, Videos, Video Cameras etc
Kenwood Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Konica Cameras
Leica Cameras
Lexmark Printers
Marantz Electronics, Hi Fi etc
MATC Mound Advanced Technology Center - you figure out what they do!
Minolta Cameras
Mitsubishi Electronics, HiFi, Videos, Video Cameras etc
NAD Electronics, HiFi etc
Nikon Cameras
Nokia Mobile Phones
Olympus Cameras
Onkyo Electronics, HiFi etc
Panasonic Electronics, HiFi, Videos, Video Cameras etc
Pentax Cameras
Philips Electronics, Hi Fi etc
Pioneer Electronics, HiFi etc
Polaroid Cameras, film etc
QMS Printers
QNX Computer System Software
Ricoh Cameras
Roland Music Synthesisers, Sound Samplers, Audio Equipment, etc
Samsung Electronics, Television, Computer Monitors etc
Seiko Electronics, Instrumentation, Watches
Sharp Electronics, HiFi, Videos, Video Cameras etc
Silicon Graphics Computers
Sony Electronics, HiFi, Televisions, Videos, Video Cameras etc
Toshiba Electronics, HiFi, Televisions, Videos, Video Cameras etc
Westfield High performance sports cars for the thrill seekers
(check out the street legal FW400 - 0 to 100kph in 3.2 secs)
WIGs 'wing In ground effect' or if it's Russian then it's an ekranoplan.
- if you want to know more, check out Edwin van Opstal's site.
Xerox Copiers
Yamaha Electronics, HiFi, Musical Instruments etc

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