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General Interest Links - Children's Sites

Alice in Wonderland A fun and educational interactive adventure for children of all ages based on the work of Lewis Carroll.
Barbie A site dedicated to every girls companion - no sign of Ken though.
Berit's Best Sites for Children Fun and educational sites for kids are screened, rated, annotated and organised by topic.
Carol Hurst's Literature Reviews of great books for kids. Activities to teach particular subjects, curriculum areas and themes.
Children's Literature This site has a monthly newsletter of reviews and also publishes bibliographies and other guides to children's literature.
Children's Museum of Memphis Information on up-coming events, membership, exhibits and KIDSPARKS - a fun site just for kids
Children's Space Books Two-part site that offers nanotechnology digital art and a history of children's picture books about space exploration.
Chucklebait Official site for Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith and all of their books.
Disney Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck - they are all here on Walt Disney's Internet site.
Goosebumps Official Site.
GusTown Hosted by Gus and the Cyberbuds, this site is chock full of fun learning activities, games etc.
Jean M Auel's Earth's Children Site dedicated to linking together the fans of Jean M Auel's Earth's Children series.
Jeff Meaney's Roald Dahl page A site for Roald Dahl fans, collectors and students, with Dahl resources, biographical information, links, and much more.
Kidland An index of kid's sites hosting the drawings of Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Jack Higgins.
Lego Join a world made up of plastic blocks and plenty of imagination.
Levi's Teletubbies Site See pictures of little Levi's new Teletubbies bedroom.
Maddy Mayhem's Kid Stuff A safe site for kids with lots of fun kid's links, including pen pal connections, fun sites and more..
Muppets Home Page Official site of Jim Henson's Muppets (see also The Works).
The Night Scary Beaties Popped out of my Head Based on the creation of Daniel and David Kamish, this site includes some tips on drawing and activities for encouraging creativity.
Nikolai's Web Site An interactive playground for children aged 4 and over containing stories, printable crafts, recipes, online games, show'n tell plus lots more.
Santa For everything Christmas with downloadable cards - you can even leave messages for Santa.
Satin Dolly's Rainbow Room A safe site for kids where they can find wholesome, creative, educational and fun links to the Internet.
The Works The site for all things Henson, focusing on news, links, reviews, and features.
ToonaCat's Kids Club A fun, interactive site showcasing kids' creativity through art, writing, stories, poems, homepages, and more.
Secret Teletubby Picture Site Top secret and hilarious pictures of the Teletubbies, never seen before. Also contains many sounds.
Voices of Youth UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) site for young people worldwide to share ideas and action targeting important global issues.

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