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Links - General Interest

Americas Cup Check out the latest about the America's Cup Challenge
Arts & Crafts Arts and Crafts which are distinctively New Zealand
Children's Sites Recommended sites for children of all ages
Education Not so much for the kids - more for the teachers
Entertainment What's happening in the world of entertainment
Farming Typically New Zealand
Food We are what we eat (or don't eat as the case may be)
Motoring There are more motor vehicles per capita in NZ than elsewhere
Music The hills are alive....
Science Whats happening in the world of science
Services Check on the latest from your gas, electricity and other services
Sport In a nation addicted to rugby, racing and several other sports.
Technology The latest technology from around the world
Travel Going someplace? Where to go and how to get there.
Trivia Interesting sites than couldn't find a home anywhere else
Web Cameras Something that could only happen on the Internet - constantly updated.

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