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Information Links - NZ Government

Department Of Internal Affairs
Housing Corporation of New Zealand Although state houses seem to be a thing of the past, the Housing Corporation of NZ still has lots of advice about housing, albeit buried in a host of confusing disclaimers.
Job Search Looking for a new job - this is a great place for job seekers to check out what is available.
Ministry of Agriculture New Zealand depends a great deal on its agriculture for the export market and this Government department is responsible for ensuring that the country remains safe from foreign preditors among other things.
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Defence For information on defence issues involving any of the armed forces etc.
Ministry of Fisheries New Zealand has some tremendous fishing lakes and rivers, is surrounded by some of the most lucrative fishing grounds in the world, and the Ministry of Fisheries is responsible for all of it.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade If you fancy an affair abroad, I think this is where you apply. In their spare time they also trade things at markets - (based on the answer from a primary school question)
Ministry of Housing
NZ Customs
NZ Department of Labour
NZ Government Online
NZ Industrial Relations, Dept of Labour
NZ Parliamentary Homepage
NZ Treasury
Political Parties - ACT
Political Parties - Alliance
Political Parties - Labour
Political Parties - National
Political Parties - NZ First
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
State Services Commission
Waitangi Tribunal Reports Database

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