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Information Links - Magazines

New Zealand
AntePodium An Antipodean electronic journal of world affairs published by the Victoria University of Wellington Department of Politics
Discover New Zealand A comprehensive guide to New Zealand for the independent traveller.
Lucire A webzine on the Asia-Pacific, with a bias towards Australia and New Zealand, bringing a fresh perspective on fashion, travel and lifestyle in the region.
NZ Geographic NZ's own contribution to nature reporting
NZ Infotech Weekly NZ's weekly computer magazine
NZ Rugby News The worlds only weekly Rugby magazine featuring news and results from the All Blacks, Super 12 and NZ-NPC.
NZ Science Monthly If you want to know what's going on in New Zealand science.
Tearaway NZ's #1 youth magazine and is updated on-line every month. Everything is free to view. Check out such features as music, movies, careers, sports, your letters. competitions and heaps more.
The Kiwi Ezine An-online-entertainment-grapevine
Wellington Newstand News and happenings from around Wellington
Digital Video The latest in video production, editing hardware and software and video product usage.
Economist The international weekly journal of news, ideas, opinion and analysis.
National Geographic In association with the National Geographic Society.
New Scientist The world of science through largely American eyes.
Newsweek A view of world events through American eyes.
PC Format From the same publisher that gave us Amiga Format, this one is for the PC and covers similar subject matter.
T3 Tomorrow's Technology Today, a magazine for those who need to find out the latest on the latest.
Time Magazine Another view of world events through even more American eyes.

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