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Information Links - Health

Accident Compensation Commission - (ACC) Advise on Injury Prevention, Levies, Cover, Claims, etc
Alcohol Advisory Council Alcohol related information
Alzheimers New Zealand Information on AD and other forms of dementia
Arachnoiditis Society A society for sufferers of chronic pain syndrome
Ask a Doctor Medical advice online
Asthma & Respiratory Foundation Information and advice for people with repiratory problems
Attention Deficit Disorder One of the most misunderstood afflictions facing the family unit today.
Audiology NZ Information for the hard of hearing
Brahmalokas Information on Yoga, Tantra, Amroli, Urine Therapy etc
Cancer Society of NZ General Information about cancer and related issues
Chemist Shop On-line ordering and delivery of over-the-counter pharmacy products
Child Cancer Foundation Share concerns and experiences of families with child cancer
Cot Life 2000 Information on Cot Death causes and prevention
Cyber Chemist Information and a wide range of health products online
Diabetes New Zealand Information and and advise for on of NZ's modern-day epidemics
Everybody General medical advice on a wide variety of topics
Fitness Advice of achieving health and fitness through exercise
Head Injury Society Information and contacts for those needing help to recover
Hearing Association General Information, advice, branches etc
Herbals NZ Herbals, Iridologist, Medical Herbalist and Online Courses
Herpes Foundation Information about herpes for sufferers, partners etc
Hospitals Online Information on NZ hospitals, their services, news, jobs etc
Immunisation Awareness Society Information for parents to enable them to make informed decisions about vaccination for their children
Leukaemia and Blood Foundation New Zealand's leading information resource for patients, family members and friends affected by leukaemia and related blood conditions.
Living with ... Information and advise on Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and more.
Midwifery Midwifery and pregnancy information
Nutrition Awareness Nutritional information updated several times a week
NZ Blood Service Information on where you can donate blood, what happens to the blood you donate and clinical information on the products made from the blood you donate.
Pharmac A list of drugs subsidised by the NZ Government's Agency
PharmacyNet The largest range of beautycare,cosmetics and fragrances on the Internet within New Zealand by several Unichem Pharmacies.
Post Polio Support Society Information and advice for sufferers of polio and their families
Prostate Cancer & Impotence Information and links provided by a survivor to help others
Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind General Information on facilities for the blind
National Institute of Neurological Disorders Shingles Information

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