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Monetary Matters - Insurance

AA Insurance Special discounts for AA members
AMI Insurance Am I insured? Even their reps aren't sure.
BrokerNet NZ Ltd A group of nine New Zealand insurance brokers has formed into a new liason company, called Brokernet NZ Limited. The new organisation, with a total premium resource of $86 million, have joined the new venture to co-ordinate client services throughout the country.
Contractors Wholesale Insurance Ltd If you own or operate contracting equipment such as lifting equipment, you may not be adequately insured.
Crombie Lockwood Financial Services Professional and Experienced service from the largest NZ owned insurance broking house. Visit their site for detailed information on Mortgage Protection Insurance and meet their friendly 'bird'. Their full services are profiled, along with useful contact and quotation facilities.
Earthquake Commission Information on the areas covered by the Government's own insurance provider.
Fintel No forms, ho hassles, it is so easy, the Fintel way, or so goes the opening sequence on this site.
Kelleher, Suter & Assoc Ltd Leading NZ insurance broker. Use the Internet to obtain cheaper, better insurance.
NZ Local Government Insurance Corp Our primary goal is to reduce the cost of risk for local governments and trading enterprises
Southern Marine Shipbrokers Act as a broker selling on behalf of clients a range of pleasure boats (yachts and launches) and commercial vessels. They also arrange insurance, surveys,valuations and deliveries of vessels for their clients.
State Insurance All types of general insurance.
Sun Direct If you're over 25 with a good driving record, and discounts for women drivers.
Tower Insurance Let Maggie Barry help you prune your insurance costs in conjunction with what used to be known as National Insurance.
UnityDirect - Financial Services via tec Your one-stop shop for impartial information on investment, retirement savings and insurance. Choose from a selection of products from different leading suppliers.

Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland in no way recommend or accept liablity for any of the services listed above.

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