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Monetary Matters - Banking

ANZ Bank An amalgam of the Australia/New Zealand Bank and PostBank
ASB Bank This site also offers FASTNET interactive banking via the Internet if you have the necessary encryption facilities with your browser.
Bank Direct No branches, just a telephone is all it takes to use this service operated by the ASB Bank.
Bank of New Zealand The bank that most people associate with New Zealand, currently using cricketing's Richard Hadlee as their ambassador.
Citygroup One of the relative new-comers on the block, with noticeably overseas connections and methods.
Deutschebank NZ Investment bank with four banking divisions. - Deutsche securities, global markets, investment banking and risk management advisory.
EFTPOS A key component of the NZ money scene - where would we be without our EFTPOS at the supermarket, petrol station, or wherever?
Hong Kong Shanghai Bank HSBC is of the world's largest financial service organisations with over 9,500 offices in 80 countries and territories.
National Bank of New Zealand The black horse bank, owned and operated by the Lloyds Banking group in the UK.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand The Government's bank - doesn't need a cheque book or an account for them to have access to your money.
TSB Bank The only 100% NZ owned bank, based in Taranaki but spreading its wings to offer excellent service.
WestpacTrust Once there was the Bank of New South Wales, then just the Wales, and then there was the merger... will it ever end.

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