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Links - Monetary Matters

Banking Quick access to information on all NZ Banks via the Internet, some of whom also provide online banking services.
Financial Advice Got money to invest, or need finance for that business or personal venture, financial advisors can make it easier.
Insurance Be it a home, contents, car, boat or whatever needs insuring, you'll find a company here willing to insure you.
Job Market If you, or anyone in your family are looking for employment, or you are an employer looking for staff, these sites may help you.
Real Estate Tired of your existing home and want to sell it and buy a new one but don't like dealing with real estate agents - this may be your saviour.
Stock Markets So you've got some spare money and instead of letting it sit in the bank, you've invested it in the Stock Market.
Wild Speculation Or instead of investing it in the Stock Market, you like to think there's a quicker way to make money.

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