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The Links

These links have been compiled from feedback supplied by our members, the purpose of which is to help members explore the Internet from a number of sites which the club considers useful or informative. Where possible, frequently accessed links have been included so that members can use Amiga Auckland as their home page, while other sites have been included to assist visitors to our site from overseas to learn more about Auckland and New Zealand. We make no apologies for the no-nonsense layout - keepng online wait time down is important, even for those on broadband.

Amiga Sites A host of Amiga related sites which either promote the Amiga, or are related to products and services that every Amiga owner should know about or have access to.
Monetary Matters Most of us have an inherent interest in all things involving money, so for your convenience all of the monetary matters have been grouped together under one heading.
 Information These sites are considered to provide useful information for members and visitors to our site, such as Auckland Traffic, Health, Government Departments, Media, Newspapers, Radio, Telephone Directories, Television, Weather etc.
General Interest These sites are of general interest to everyone, and can be particularly useful when you want to start exploring the Internet because they generally lead on to other sites, with topics such as Arts, Education, Entertainment, Farming, Food etc.
Accessories Amiga Users don't restrict themselves to playing end-less games. Instead they tend to use their Amigas as tools inconjunction with other ventures covering a broad spectrum of activities. 
Search Engines These sites are what many people consider to be the important ones! They introduce you to the World Wide Web and beyond. Throw away the clock - go surfing.

Please Note: Although we have taken care to check all of the links at the time these pages were created,  and periodically afterwards, web pages and addresses can be altered at any time outside of our control making an existing link invalid.  If you find any links that do not work or take you to another site instead,  please let the Webmaster know.

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