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Other News

  • Viruses: The Classic Amiga continues to be adversely affected by Viruses, and it is important to maintain your vigilance at all times by running a virus checker, and keeping it up to date. If your virus checker has not been updated for several months (or years in many cases), it may not detect some of the newer viruses. Forget Virus Checker, and VirusZ.... the latest and most effective virus checker is Virus Executor. Updates are included in the Amsmag regularly.

  • AmigaOne Software: Developers are continuing to write new programs and port existing programs to the AmigaOne running under OS 4.0, and while some of it is rather trivial, other have put in a lot of effort and have achieved great results. One of the more notable is Richard Drummond, who has spent untold hours updating and enhancing the Amiga emulators for the non-Windows platforms, as well as developing native code for the A1. Keep it up Richard - we really appreciate the effort.

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