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International News

  • Hardware: AmigaOne SE-G3, XE-G3, XE-G4 and MicroA1 motherboards are impossible to obtain, dealers having sold all available boards by the end of 2004, while most of the hardware issues with DMA and USB ports appear to have been put to one side with acceptable (at least for most people) work-arounds. The focus is currently for new hardware, be it Eyetech, Troika, ACK Systems, or a number of other people who have talked about making hardware, but so far nothing has materialised, although both Troika and the SAM440 project have shown working protoypes although not running OS4.0.

  • OS 4.0: Hyperion released OS 4.0 Final Update on 24 December 2006 after several years of 'When It's Done!'. At one point Hyperion made it clear that OS 4.0 Final would not be released until there was hardware available, so whether this is Final or the last update (i.e. Update 5) before Final remains to be seen.

  • Pegasos: The on-going saga with Amiga Inc appears to have abated, but the blue trolls from the Pegasos camp still seem to enjoy spreading their confused fud at every opportunity. Having seen the Pegasos in action I must say I was impressed by the speed at which it ran etc, but less than impressed by the fact that it only runs AmigaOS 3.1, not even 3.9. With the lack of hardware availability, some see the Pegasos as filling that void, whilst others are adamant that it will not happen.

  • Amiga Inc: Amiga Inc has been fairly quiet apart from a competition to win a mototcycle in collaboration with Handango, but their web-site was upgraded about a year ago and promotes several third party games under the Amiga Anywhere banner. Apart from owning the Amiga name, and licensing OS 4.0 to Hyperion, one wonders what their purpose is. Someone recently pointed out that even their incorporation expired in September 2004 and their status is 'Inactive', so they should probably be called simply 'Amiga' - as for the inactive reference, that should probably stay.

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