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Local News

  • AmigaOne: Amiga Auckland and several of its members have built AmigaOne systems. Most were assembled by Amiga Auckland from parts obtained locally after we negotiated preferential pricing from local suppliers. There are now 7 A1's within Amiga Auckland and we believe there are more spread around NZ. There would be even more if dealers could supply them.

  • Survival: Local club members have been busy repairing machines from parts taken from other machines, but locating hard drives small enough to be compatible with the Amiga is getting harder and harder, monitors compatible with the Amiga are in short supply, and shortage of other components is making life difficult for even the most dedicated enthusiast. Were it not for Anthony Hoffman, many more would be on the scrap heap by now! Thanks Anthony.

  • Membership: It seems that almost all of the other Amiga clubs in other parts of NZ have folded, and many of the remaining dedicated Amiga owners have joined Amiga Auckland. On behalf of our members, we welcome these people on board. On the other hand our membership continues to drop as machines die, many apprehensive about pursuing an AmigaOne future, deciding to buy a PC instead.

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