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1993 - The Amiga CD-32

Technical Specifications:
Motorola 68020 at 14 MHz   
1KB FlashROM
AGA Chipset
OS 3.1
expansion socket for accelerator,
hard drive, MPEG cartridge
4 channel stereo sound
Serial port, 2 Gameports,
Interfaces for keyboard etc

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When Commodore released the CD32, it was a major challenge to all of the other games console manufacturers of the time such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega etc, especially being a 32-bit machine with high quality graphics. Add a keyboard, and/or serial cable and you could join two CD32's together. A special circuit was added to convert graphics from PC format to Amiga format on the fly, and this meant porting of games from PC to Amiga was that much easier. Even so, software was still slow in arriving for the CD32 and it struggled as competitors tried to match it. Many people bought them not for games but as a CDROM drive that they could connect to existing Amigas via a SERNET cable, and this worked very well. Amiga Auckland has used one adapted to fit into an A500 case, in order to utilise the keyboard, very successfully for many years. This unlikely combination even has a Motorola 68060 accelerator and 1 GB hard drive built in.

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