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1990 - The Amiga A3000UX

Technical Specifications:
Motorola MC68030 at 25MHz
CoProcessor 68882
2Mb ChipRAM
8 Mb FastRAM
ECS Chipset
OS 2.04
880Kb floppy disk
80Mb SCSI hard disk
switchable flicker fixer
memory expansion on motherboard
4 Zorro III slots  for memory expansion,
accelerator card, graphics card etc
A2065 Ethernet card
4 channel stereo sound
Serial, Parallel, RGB, Mouse and Joystick
ports, and external SCSI connector.

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The A3000UX was an attempt by Commodore to break in to the University market wih a machine that not only ran the Amiga Operating System, but also ran Version 4 of Unix together with X Windows (the GUI interface). Unix is the big brother if you like of the often mentioned Linux. Unix is still used on many servers, including most Internet Service Providers running web servers. The A3000UX performed brilliantly in this environment and combined with its installed Ethernet card, made a popular option for Universities to purchase a low cost Unix machine, and a large number for sold for this purpose, although not many made into the real world.

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