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1990 - The Amiga A3000T

Technical Specifications:
Motorola MC68030 at 25MHz
CoProcessor 68882
1Mb ChipRAM
4 Mb FastRAM
ECS Chipset
OS 2.04
880Kb floppy disk
40Mb SCSI hard disk
switchable flicker fixer
memory expansion on motherboard
4 Zorro III slots  for memory expansion,
accelerator card, graphics card etc
5 expansion bays for other devices
4 channel stereo sound
Serial, Parallel, RGB, Mouse and Joystick
ports, and external SCSI connector.

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Due to the high acceptance of the A3000 and in response to complaint that there was insufficient space for expansion internally, it was quickly followed by a tower version which had greater expansion capability within the box, and the result was an enormous unit on par with servers of the time. It had 5 expansion bays and a beefed up power supply, but it didn't really make it big due to some strange licensing issue which held it back, and halted production in some parts of the world. Those who did get their hands on one probably still have it.

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