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1990 - The Amiga A3000

Technical Specifications:
Motorola MC68030 at 25MHz
CoProcessor 68882
1Mb ChipRAM
1Mb FastRAM
ECS Chipset
OS 2.04
880Kb floppy disk
40Mb SCSI hard disk
switchable flicker fixer
memory expansion on motherboard
4 Zorro III slots for memory expansion,
accelerator card, graphics card etc
4 channel stereo sound
Serial, Parallel, RGB, Mouse and Joystick
ports, and external SCSI connector.

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The release of the A3000 ushered in a new era for the Amiga. This was a professional machine with greatly enhanced capability all round, and it quickly became the workhorse for professional users. With its built-in SCSI capability, extra Hard Disk drives, CDROM drives, and scanners, etc could be added very easily. Machines were quickly upgraded to 8Mb of Fast RAM, with the original Fast RAM being switched to Chip RAM giving 10Mb in total on the motherboard. Combined with the new 2.04 Operating System, the Amiga made the front page of the world's computer press, including BYTE magazine which up until then almost exclusively PC focused. The A3000 was notably smaller than the A2000 series that it replaced, and only had space internally for a second floppy drive and a second hard drive. This meant that extra devices had to be added externally.

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