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Amiga Memory with ECS Chipset

Amigas using the Enhanced Chip Set employed the three types of Amiga memory - Kickstart ROM, CHIP RAM and FAST RAM as follows:

KICKSTART ROM The Kickstart ROM was increased to 512K bytes using 2 chips (even and odd) for the ECS chipset, although in many A3000's the slot were named incorrectly, so it was necessary to put the even chip in the odd slot and vice versa.
CHIP RAM Chip RAM was increased to a maximum of 2 MB when using the ECS chipset, but on most new machines only 1MB was populated. This meant more space for the hungry graphics programs that were emerging.
FAST RAM On some machines 1 MB of Fast RAM was supplied with the option of swapping this to Chip RAM and adding more Fast RAM. The on-board maximum was 8M bytes of Fast RAM but more could be added using the expansion slots etc to a maximum of 4 GB.

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