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1988 - The Amiga A2500

Technical Specifications:
Motorola MC68020 / MC68030
512Kb ChipRAM
512Kb FastRAM
OCS / ECS Chipsets
OS 1.3 / 2.04
880Kb floppy disk
5 Zorro II slots  for memory expansion,
accelerator card, harddisk controller etc
A2091 Controller
Hires flicker fixer
external 3.5" floppy port
4 channel stereo sound
Serial, Parallel, RGB, Mouse
and Joystick ports.

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The Amiga A2500 was introduced in November 1988, as a machine for power-users. It was essentially an B2000 that initially used the Motorola 68020 processor but this was soon upgraded to the 68030 processor, and came with the upgraded A2091 hard disk controller card, that eliminated booting problems. With 512Kb of Chip RAM and 512K of Fast RAM, these machines were often supplied with the 8MB memory card, and when upgraded to the ECS chipset, the 512K of fast RAM was converted to Chip RAM. The flicker experienced in hi-res mode was overcome using a frequency doubler (flicker fixer) but this required a more expensive multi-sync monitor.

Many of the machines were made to order and often included video genlocks, soundcards and other add-ons especially for professional users. At the time they were most impressive.

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