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1987 - The Amiga B2000 (or A2000)

Technical Specifications:
Motorola MC68000 at 7.16MHz
512Kb ChipRAM
OCS  / ECS  Chipsets
OS 1.2 / 1.3
880Kb floppy disk
5 Zorro II slots  for memory expansion,
accelerator card, harddisk controller etc
A2090 / A2090a Controller
external 3.5" floppy port
4 channel stereo sound
Serial, Parallel, RGB, Mouse
and Joystick ports.

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The Amiga 2000 was introduced in October 1987, along with the A500, to replace the A1000 and was still being manufactured in 1991. It continued to use the Motorola 68000 processor running at 7.14MHz clock speed, came with 512 Kb of Chip RAM, upgradeable with 8 Megabytes of Fast RAM, plus an upgraded Custom Chipset (OCS). The B2000 had four expansion slots, one of which was used for the hard-disk controller complete with 10MB disk (later increased to 20MB then 40MB). The keyboard, mouse and joystick sockets were located on the front.

The entire AmigaDOS operating system had been upgraded to version 1.2 and now came on two floppy disks, with the essential routines (the Kernal) continuing to be stored being stored in upgradeable 256K Read-Only Memory (ROM) also at level 1.2.

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