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The OCS Operating System

The next version of the Amiga Operating System, version 1.2, came with the release of the OCS chipset machines. This version was a lot more robust, and many parts had been rewritten to run faster. It also provided support for hard drives, and various other devices not previously supported, and was still supplied on a single floppy disk. About a year later, version 1.3 was released, with even more code rewritten for speed, many extra functions and drivers, not to mention a range of fonts etc, so much so that two floppy disks were required.

It doesn't really matter what the hardware is, it must have a good Operating System to give the computer "life", as it were, and Workbench 1.3 gave life to the OCS Amigas for many years, so much so that many A500 users are still using it quite successfully. Many third party extensions were developed which gave it extra functionality, including Arexx which later became part of AmigaOS.

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