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The Amiga - Background

The Amiga began life in the late 1970's in a world very much different to that which exists today. MS-DOS PC's were running the Intel 286 at best while the Intel 386 was still a dream. GUI applications were restricted to the experimental design labs. Games consoles were used to play games through the TV set using large square objects to form images at resolutions resembling today's teletext graphics. Computers were used for business applications, and were rather slow even by current standards. When questioned about some of the limitations of MS-DOS, Bill Gates was quoted as saying "Why would anyone need more than 640K of memory in a computer", or some such comment. Powerful computers were far too expensive for home use. Today, it is the demands of games users and the Internet that largely dictates the way modern computers are evolving.

This section on the Amiga attempts to chronical the development and background of the first Amigas, or at least as we believe it to be:
Brief History
The Lorraine Project
Amiga OS Evolution
Pre-Emptive Multi-Tasking
The Custom Chips
The Amiga's Memory
The Kickstart Chips

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