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1986 - The Commodore C-64C

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Over a period of 4 years the Commodore 64 became the world's largest selling microcomputer, and by 1986 few changes had been made to it. Sales were starting to decline and the machine was looking distinctly old, so Commodore decided to modernise the case and produce the C-64C, which although it had exactly the same electronics inside, looked modern and sales increased once more. What is more, the C-64C was sold with Softworks' GEOS Operating System, in addition to the standard C-64 OS, and this gave it a GUI style interface similar to the Amiga. However, by this time, more efficient ways of manufacturing chips and motherboards had evolved, and the motherboard which once filled the entire case of both the C-64 and initial C-64C's gradually shrunk to little more than the area of a 3" floppy disk.

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