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1984 - The Commodore C-16

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Following on from the success of the C-64 Commodore Business Machines decided to release a cut-down version at a lower price. Instead of the MOS 6510 microprocessor used in the C-64, the C-16 was equipped with a 7051 microprocessor and 32K of memory. Output was to a Y/C monitor, although with the optional RF converter it could be run through a TV set. Programs could be loaded from a special cassette drive or from a rather large and bulky 5" floppy disk drive with its own internal power supply.

C-16 Technical Specifications
Microprocessor MOS 7051
System Memory 32K ROM - 4K RAM
User Area 12K RAM
Keyboard Qwerty layout - 66 keys
Display 40 columns 25 lines
Resolution 320 x 200 pixels
Colours 121
Sound 2 tone generators, 9 volume levels
Input/Output Commodore Serial Port; and
Disk Drive: Parallel 5" Disk Drive Port
Cassette Drive C1531 Cassette Drive port
Joysticks 2 Joystick ports
Other ROM Cartridge port
Price NZ$295
Datasette NZ$99
Disk Drive NZ$485
Colour Monitor NZ$795

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