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1984 - The Commodore SX-64/DX64 (Executive)

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The Commodore Executive SX-64 was a self-contained portable version of the Commodore 64, with its own 12.5cm (5") colour screen and ran all disk or cartridge-based software designed for the C-64. It could be purchased with a single (SX) or dual (DX) 5" floppy disk drives - the most popular was the single disk drive model which left a slot in the front where floppy disks could be stored. The casing itself was both rugged and compact, resembling the portable test equipment used by service engineers, particularly in the way that the lid containing the keyboard was removable leaving the carrying handle free to double as a stand.

There was a slot in the top of the casing to take ROM cartridges which was covered by a flap when not being used. The only negative aspect was the fact that the mains cable and plug could not be stored anywhere inside the casing, but that was only of small nuisance value. To add to its business-like image it was supplied with a Word Processor, Database and Utilities package.

SX-64 Technical Specifications
Microprocessor MOS 6510
System Memory 20K ROM - 3K RAM
User Area 38K RAM - 54K if Basic Interpreter not used
Keyboard Qwerty layout - 66 keys including 4 function keys
Display 40 columns 25 lines 255 displayable characters
Resolution 320 x 200 pixels
Colours 121
Sound 3 voices of 9 octaves , 9 volume levels
Input/Output RS232C Commodore Serial Port
Disk Drive: 1 or 2 Parallel 5" Disk Drives storing 170K per disk
Cassette Drive C1531 Cassette Drive port
Joysticks 2 Joystick ports
Other ROM Cartridge port in top of casing
Price NZ$???
Datasette NZ$99

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