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1982 - The Commodore C-64

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Commodore Business Machines' C-64 was probably the most popular single computer of all time. With its 64K of bank switched memory (of which only 39K was available for Basic programs) but 20K was ROM including the character generator, running the 6510 processor it was capable of displaying 25 rows of 40 characters using 16 colours. One characteristic was the provision of 8 programmable sprites which could be coloured and moved independantly of the main screen image. Output was to a Y/C monitor, although with the optional RF converter it could be run through a TV set. Programs could be loaded from a special cassette drive or from a rather large and bulky 5" floppy disk drive with its own internal power supply.

C-64 Technical Specifications
Microprocessor MOS 6510
System Memory 20K ROM - 3K RAM
User Area 38K RAM - 54K if Basic Interpreter not used
Keyboard Qwerty layout - 62 keys including 4 function keys
Display 40 columns 25 lines 255 displayable characters
Resolution 320 x 200 pixels
Colours 121
Sound 3 voices of 9 octaves , 9 volume levels
Input/Output RS232C Commodore Serial Port
Disk Drive: Parallel 5" Disk Drive Port
Cassette Drive C1531 Cassette Drive port
Joysticks 2 Joystick ports
Other ROM Cartridge port
Price NZ$495
Datasette NZ$99
Disk Drive NZ$485
Colour Monitor NZ$795

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