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1980 - The CBM 9000 (SuperPET)

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In an attempt to capture a lucrative business market, Commodore Business Machines produced a dramatically upgraded business oriented version of the PET which they dubbed the "SuperPET" or CBM 9000.

The very early versions of the PET had a built-in tape recorder with motor control, a built-in monitor, and ROM basic. The first PET's had a non-standard keyboard, while the later ones more closely approximated the style of a typewriter keyboard, and featured the graphics symbols on the front of the keys.

CBM9000 Technical Specifications
Microprocessor MOS 6502
System Memory 2K ROM - 3K RAM
User Area 3K RAM - 3K if Basic Interpreter not used
Keyboard Qwerty layout - 66 keys including 4 function keys
Display 22 columns 25 lines 255 displayable characters
Resolution 192 x 200 pixels
Colours 16 - 8 for the foreground and 8 for the background or border
Sound 3 tone generators + white noise generator
Input/Output RS232C Commodore Serial Port
Cassette Drive C1531 Cassette Drive port
Joysticks 2 Joystick ports
Other ROM Cartridge port
Price US$1995
Datasette US$74.95

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