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1978 - The CBM 4016

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As far as we can tell the CBM 4016 was introduced to provide a slightly cheaper option to the CBM 4032 and had basically the same specification but included only 16K of RAM. Externally it was identical to the CBM 4032, however it did utilise the upgraded 74 key keyboard. It is not known if Commodore sold any in New Zealand, but some were obviously imported.

CBM4016 Technical Specifications
Microprocessor MOS 6502, 1MHz
System Memory 20K ROM - 16K RAM
User Area 3K RAM - 6K if Basic Interpreter not used
Keyboard Qwerty layout - 74 keys
Display 30cm screen 40 columns 25 lines 256 displayable characters plus low resolution (50 x 80) graphics
Resolution 192 x 200 pixels
Colours None - Green Phosphor display only
Sound Piezo Tone Generator on later models
Input/Output IEEE-488 Port, 8 bit parallel user port
Cassette Drive 2 x C1531 Cassette Drive ports
Joysticks No joystick ports
Other Microsoft BASIC 1.0, Machine Language Monitor
Price US$995, UKŁ595
Datasette US$74.95

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