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As a club whose origins stem from hardware manufactured by Commodore Business Machines, this section is devoted to the vast range of computers supported by the club, together with a short history of each of them. Commodore first began manufacturing computers in 1977, but since we are essentially an Amiga group, our timeline has been divided into eight sections relative to the Amiga - computers that came before the Amiga, the Classic Amiga (as we know it today) through it various stages, and then where some people thought the future of the Amiga could be (reliable information mixed with dollups of speculation and wishful thinking), and finally the Amiga as we know it today.

1977 Before the Amiga
1980 Background to the Amiga
1985 The Initial Chip Set (ICS)
1987 The Original Chip Set (OCS)
1989 The Enhanced Chip Set (ECS)
1991 The Advanced Graphics Architecture Chip Set (AGA)
1994 The Questionable Years (???)
2002 The PowerPPC Amigas

The Amiga evolved considerably over the period between 1985 and 1994, the most significant enhancements being the capabilties of the Amiga's Custom Chips, and since these were what helped to make the Amiga unique, the middle four sections have been based around the custom chipsets that were used, i.e. the Initial Chip Set (ICS), the Original Chip Set (OCS), the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and the Advanced Graphics Architecture Chip Set (AGA).

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