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Amiga Auckland Inc. has many contacts around the world and access to discounted purchasing opportunies, which enable computer equipment to be purchased within minimum delay and generally at the best prices available. As a service to members, Amiga Auckland Inc. undertakes to source goods on behalf of members subject to the following:-
  • Amiga Auckland Inc. will act as an agent on behalf of its members and shall not be held responsible for the performance or otherwise of such goods. That being the case Amiga Auckland Inc. shall help to resolve any problems on behalf of the member at no cost to itself.

  • Amiga Auckland Inc. shall endeavour to buy at the best price available at the time. Members shall be charged all costs associated with the purchase including GST, freight, duty, insurance and interest plus a small handling fee. Any members purchasing for non-members shall be charged an extra fee.

  • Upon confirmation of availability of the goods the member shall pay a deposit of twenty dollars ($20) or 30% of the estimated value of the goods (whichever is the greater) prior to the order being confirmed. This deposit shall be non-refundable except if the goods become unavailable. If the delivery time factor becomes too long then the order shall be cancelled and once cancelled the deposit will become refundable.

  • Members shall place the orders directly with the secretary via email amigaak@maxnet.co.nz or by phone/fax (09 827 2633). Phoned orders must be confirmed in writing. Once the initial order is placed ALL communication must be direct with the secretary.

  • Amiga Auckland Inc. reserves the right to refuse to handle an order at the discretion of the secretary. In the event of a company stopping trading Amiga Auckland Inc. will endeavour to recover any monies but cannot accept responsibility for such events.

  • All payments to be made out to 'Amiga Auckland Inc.' and be sent to the secretary. No responsibility will be taken for any mail sent to any other address.

Copyright 2005 Amiga Auckland Inc. All rights reserved.
Revised: August 08, 2005.