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PD Library - Books

The following is a list of the books available for hire to members of Amiga Auckland:
  • A2000 and A500 Amiga Basic
  • Amiga 500 Starter Kit
  • Amiga Basic for A500 and A2000
  • Amiga Basic
  • Amiga DiskDrives Inside and Out
  • Amiga Enhancer Software Vs 1.3
  • Amiga Harddrive User's Guide
  • Amiga Programmer's Handbook Vol. 2 by Eugene Mortimor
  • AmigaBasic Inside and Out
  • AmigaDOS Manual, 3rd Edition (incl WB 2.04)
  • AmigaVision Manual published by AmigaWorld
  • AMOS, the Creator, User Guide
  • DeLuxe PhotoLab Manual
  • Epson Stylus 800 User Guide
  • Galileo Astronomy
  • HomeOffice Kit DeLuxe
  • Introducing the Amiga 600HD
  • Introduction to the A500
  • Mastering Amiga for beginners - BSB
  • MaxiPlan by Oxxi
  • MaxiPlan Plus by Oxxi
  • Modern Data Processing, 3rd Edition, Robert Arnold
  • More Trick & Tips- Amiga
  • Multimedia with the Amiga - Desktop Studio
  • Octamed Pro V6
  • Paged Memory Management Unit, MC68851, User's Manual
  • Pascal Programming
  • Print Shop Project Book by Deborah Homan (Business cards, banners etc.)
  • Scribble! WordProcessor
  • STAR, LC-100 colour Dot Matrix Printer, User's Manual
  • Technical Reference Manual A500 and A2000
  • Using the Amiga Workbench Vs2.04
  • VLT User's Manual by Amanda Weinstein, Stanford University, CA
  • Write & File Softwood

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Revised: August 14, 2005.