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The AMSMAG is the official publication of Amiga Auckland and is published in electronic form to all members at the beginning of each month excluding January. It contains club information, meeting topics, news about the Amiga scene and other related subjects, software and hardware reviews, members' contributions, tutorials, CD and software purchasing pricelists etc, and various other articles of interest.

It was originally supplied as a number of displayable files using a program called More (or was it Less), and then PPMore which used compressed files. Around this time one of our members, Mark Gladding, wrote a program called Magnetic Pages which used compressed pages, but enabled it to be read in a user friendly manner resembling an electronic magazine. This was subsequently upgraded to utilise many of the features of WB 2.0, but because it is dependant on the Amiga's custom chips, it cannot handle the new graphics cards that many users have added, and also meant that a special version was required for WB 1.3 users.

In order to ensure that all members have access to the AMSMAG, it was changed in November 1998 to use AmigaGuide format. (HTML was considered as an option but the files were much larger and there was no Public Domain HTML viewer that was suitable.) The displayer used was PowerGuide, which meant that one format could be used for all versions of the Workbench and it could also cope with additional graphics cards etc, and the scripts associated with this and installing it onto machines could easily be enhanced.

In November 2001, with the availability of more software, and most members using the Internet, an HTML format magazine became available. Essentially the content was the same as the AmigaGuide version, a script being used to generate both formats from the same source, and this is also available to PC users in zipped format. This is because many of our members use Amiga emulators on their PC's (after their Amiga died of old age etc) and this format makes it easier for them to use as well. If you require the PC version please contact the Secretary.

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