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The Club

Amiga Auckland exists to assist its members realise the full potential of their Amiga or Commodore computers. Although it is primarily an Auckland club, we have members located all over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. New members are always welcome, irrespective of whether they are novices or experienced users. If you need help with your Amiga please contact us.

An annually renewable membership fee of NZ$30 enables members to attend any or all of the meetings held, access to the club's website facilities, an extensive CD-ROM based software library, help with a vast range of Amiga and Commodore software products, bulk buying opportunities on both software and hardware, and the monthly AMSMAG magazine detailing the latest developments on the Amiga front, as well as support and services available for AmigaOnes, Classic AMIGA's,  C64's, C128's and emulator based systems for any of these, user group activities, and contributions from user group members.

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